Announcing crmsh stable release 2.1.3

Today we are proud to announce the release of crmsh version 2.1.3! This version fixes all known issues found since the release of crmsh 2.1.2 in January. We recommend that all users of crmsh upgrade to this version, especially if using Pacemaker 1.1.12 or newer.

A massive thank you to everyone who has helped out with bug fixes, comments and contributions for this release!

For a complete list of changes since the previous version, please refer to the changelog:

Packages for several popular Linux distributions can be downloaded from the Stable repository at the OBS:

Archives of the tagged release:

Changes since the previous release:

  • medium: parse: nvpair attributes with no value = <nvpair name=".."/> (#71)

  • doc: Add link to

  • medium: report: Convert RE exception to simpler UI output

  • medium: report: Include transitions with configuration changes (bnc#917131)

  • medium: config: Fix case-sensitivity for booleans

  • medium: ra: Handle non-OCF agent meta-data better

  • Medium: cibconf: preserve cib user attributes

  • low: cibconfig: Improved debug output when schema change fails

  • medium: parse: Treat pacemaker-next schema as 2.0+

  • medium: schema: Test if node type is optional via schema

  • medium: schema: Remove extra debug output

  • low: pacemaker: Remove debug output

  • medium: cibconfig: If a change results in no diff, exit silently

  • medium: cibconfig: Allow delete of objects that don’t exist without returning error code

  • medium: cibconfig: Allow removal of non-existing elements if --force is set

  • low: allow (0,1) as option booleans

  • low: allow pacemaker 1.0 version detection

  • Low: hb_report: add -Q to usage

  • Low: hb_report: add -X option for extra ssh options

  • doc: Move the main crmsh repository to the ClusterLabs organization on github

  • high: ui_configure: Remove acl_group command (bnc#921056)

  • high: cibconfig: Don’t delete valid tickets when removing referenced objects (bnc#922039)

  • high: ui_context: Wait for DC after commit, not before (#85)

  • medium: templates: Clearer descriptions for editing templates (boo#921028)

  • high: cibconfig: Derive id for ops from referenced resource name (boo#921028)

  • medium: ui_template: Always generate id unless explicitly defined (boo#921028)

  • low: template: Add new <template> shortcut

  • medium: ui_template: Make new command more robust (bnc#924641)

  • medium: parse: Disallow location rules without resources

  • high: parse: Don’t allow constraints without applicants

  • medium: cliformat: Escape double-quotes in nvpair values

  • low: hb_report: Use crmsh config to find pengine/cib dirs (bsc#926377)

  • low: main: Catch any ValueErrors that may leak through

Thank you,

Kristoffer and Dejan

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