Announcing crmsh stable release 2.1.5

Today we are proud to announce the release of crmsh version 2.1.5! This release mainly consists of bug fixes, as well as compatibility with Pacemaker 1.1.14.

For a complete list of changes since the previous version, please refer to the changelog:

Packages for several popular Linux distributions can be downloaded from the Stable repository at the OBS:

Archives of the tagged release:

Changes since the previous release:

  • medium: report: Try to load source as session if possible (bsc#927407)

  • medium: crm_gv: Wrap non-identifier names in quotes (bsc#931837)

  • medium: crm_gv: Improved quoting of non-identifier node names (bsc#931837)

  • medium: crm_pkg: Fix cluster init bug on RH-based systems

  • medium: hb_report: Collect logs from pacemaker.log

  • medium: constants: Add provides meta attribute (bsc#936587)

  • high: parse: Add attributes to terminator set (bsc#940920)

  • Medium: cibconfig: skip sanity check for properties other than cib-bootstrap-options

  • medium: config: Add report_tool_options (bsc#917638)

  • low: main: Bash completion didn’t handle sudo correctly

  • high: report: New detection to fix missing transitions (bnc#917131)

  • medium: report: Add pacemaker.log to find_node_log list (bsc#941734)

  • high: hb_report: Prefer pacemaker.log if it exists (bsc#941681)

  • high: report: Output format from pacemaker has changed (bsc#941681)

  • high: report: Update transition edge regexes (bsc#942906)

  • medium: report: Reintroduce empty transition pruning (bsc#943291)

  • medium: log_patterns: Remove reference to function name in log patterns (bsc#942906)

  • low: hb_report: Collect libqb version (bsc#943327)

  • high: parse: Fix crash when referencing score types by name (bsc#940194)

  • low: constants: Add meta attributes for remote nodes

  • low: ui_history: Swap from and to times if to < from

  • high: cibconfig: Do not fail on unknown pacemaker schemas (bsc#946893)

  • high: log_patterns_118: Update the correct set of log patterns (bsc#942906)

  • high: xmlutil: Order is significant in resource_set (bsc#955434)

  • high: cibconfig: Fix XML import bug for cloned groups (bsc#959895)

Thank you,

Kristoffer and Dejan

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