Releasing crmsh version 3.0.0

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to announce the release of crmsh version 3.0.0 today. The main reason for the major version bump is because I have merged the sleha-bootstrap project with crmsh, replacing the cluster init/add/remove commands with the corresponding commands from sleha-bootstrap.

At the moment, these commands are highly specific to SLE and openSUSE, unfortunately. I am working on making them as distribution agnostic as possible, but would appreciate help from users of other distributions in making them work as well on those platforms as they do on SLE/openSUSE.

Briefly, the "cluster init" command configures a complete cluster from scratch, including optional configuration of fencing via SBD, shared storage using OCFS2, setting up the Hawk web interface etc.

There are some other changes in this release as well, see the ChangeLog for the complete list of changes:

The source code can be downloaded from Github:

This version of crmsh will be available in openSUSE Tumbleweed as soon as possible, and packages for several popular Linux distributions are available from the Stable repository at the OBS:

Archives of the tagged release:

As usual, a huge thank you to all contributors and users of crmsh!

Cheers, Kristoffer

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