Releasing crmsh version 4.3.1

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to announce the release of crmsh version 4.3.1

Major changes since 4.3.0


  • Add "crm cluster crash_test" for cluster failure simulation (#825)

  • Add ocfs2.OCFS2Manager to manage ocfs2 stage process with cluster lvm2 (#798)

  • Support setup SBD via bootstrap "sbd" stage on an existing cluster (#744)

  • Enable configuring qdevice on interactive mode (#765)


  • Adjust sbd watchdog timeout when using diskless SBD with qdevice (#818)

  • Not allow property setting with an empty value (#817)

  • Keep consistent for "help <sub-command>" and "<sub-command> -h" for those using argparse (#644)

  • Sync corosync.conf before finished joining (#775)

  • Adjust qdevice configure/remove process to avoid race condition due to quorum lost (#741)

  • Walk through hb_report process under hacluster (#742)

There are some other changes in this release as well, see the ChangeLog for the complete list of changes:

The source code can be downloaded from Github:

Development packages for openSUSE Tumbleweed are available from the Open Build System, here:

As usual, a huge thank you to all contributors and users of crmsh!

Regards, xin

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