Announcing crmsh release 2.1.2

Today we are proud to announce the release of crmsh version 2.1.2! This version primarily fixes all known issues found since the release of crmsh 2.1.1 in October. We recommend that all users of crmsh upgrade to this version, especially if using Pacemaker 1.1.12 or newer.

A massive thank you to everyone who has helped out with bug fixes, comments and contributions for this release!

For a complete list of changes since the previous version, please refer to the changelog:

Packages for several popular Linux distributions can be downloaded from the Stable repository at the OBS:

Archives of the tagged release:

Changes since the previous release:

  • medium: ui_resource: Set probe interval 0 if not set (bnc#905050)

  • doc: Document probe op in resource trace (bnc#905050)

  • high: config: Fix path to system-wide crm.conf (#67)

  • medium: config: Fall back to /etc/crm/crmsh.conf (#67)

  • low: cliformat: Colorize id: as identifier (boo#905338)

  • medium: cibconfig: Don’t bump epoch if stripping version

  • medium: ui_context: Lazily import readline

  • medium: config: Add core.ignore_missing_metadata (#68) (boo#905910)

  • medium: cibconfig: Strip digest from v1 diffs (bnc#914098)

  • medium: cibconfig: Detect v1 format and don’t patch container changes (bnc#914098)

  • high: xmlutil: Treat node type=member as normal (boo#904698)

  • medium: xmlutil: Use idmgmt when creating new elements (bnc#901543)

  • low: ui_resource: --reprobe and --refresh are deprecated (bnc#905092)

  • doc: Document deprecation of refresh and reprobe (bnc#905092)

  • medium: parse: Support resource-discovery in location constraints

  • medium: Allow removing groups even if is_running (boo#905271)

  • medium: cibconfig: Delete containers first in edits (boo#905268)

  • medium: ui_history: Fix crash using empty object set

  • Low: term: get rid of annying ^O in piped-to-less-R output

  • medium: parse: Allow nvpair with no value using name= syntax (#71)

  • medium: parse: Enable name[=value] for nvpair (#71)

  • medium: utils: Check if path basename is less (#74)

  • medium: utils: crm_daemon_dir is added to PATH in envsetup (#67)

  • medium: cmd_status: Show pending if available, enable extra options

  • high: utils: Locate binaries across sudo boundary (bnc#912483)

  • Medium: history: match error/crit messages of pcmk 1.1.12

  • low: ui_options: Add underscore aliases for legacy options

  • medium: constants: Fix transition start detection

  • medium: constants: Update transition regex (#77)

  • medium: orderedset: Add OrderedSet type

  • medium: cibconfig: Use orderedset to avoid reordering bugs (#79)

  • low: xmlutil: logic bug in sanity_check_nvpairs

  • medium: util: Don’t fall back to current time

  • medium: report: Fall back to end_ts = start_ts

Thank you,

Kristoffer and Dejan

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